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Manual for service organizations

Network of customer services

The company Quantum a.s. in Vyškov has established the network of customer services with 1100 contract workers during its ten-year activity in the Czech market. They are concerned with the installation, start up, maintenance and repairs of gas stack water heaters QUANTUM.

Technical experts

Our contract partners are regularly trained for repairing of water heaters QUANTUM and in case of problems they must consult the situation with the employees of the company Quantum at any time of the day. It is possible to order all spare parts by phone and we will immediately deliver them at the specified address.

Qualified repairs

For repairs of gas stack water heaters QUANTUM please call always authorized service technician from your region. He must identify himself with the identification card which confirms his contractual relation with the company Quantum. You can guarantee only this way, that there will be no encroachments into your gas equipment, you will get original spare parts supplied by the producer and you will gain all advantages of the guarantee repair.

Sluneční kolektory a ohřívače vody
Quantum a.s.,
Brněnská 212, Vyškov 682 01
Tel.: 517 343 363
Fax: 517 343 666

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