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The specialized projection for technical equipments of buildings, heating and gas installation has been the part of the company Quantum already since its establishment in 1993. The company has been also concerned with the projection of appropriated gas equipments and all heating systems since its establishment.

Your partner in the area of energy saving.

We can offer:


We will process all steps of the project documentation for:

  • heating of housing, civic and industrial constructions
  • floor heating in family houses and buildings of civic amenities
  • hot-air heating
  • boiler houses and their reconstructions
  • junction exchange stations
  • warm-water systems
  • solutions of warm water heating
  • constructions of low pressure and moderated pressure gas pipelines in villages and housing estates
  • industrial gas pipelines
  • gas distribution in households, blocks of flats, houses of civic amenities and other objects
  • all engineering works
Projection Department 


We provide following free of charge consultations after the previous meeting arrangement:  consultations in the field of financing of energy-saving economy measures, basic information in the field of the energy economy, consultations with the project of an economic source for service water heating, selection of the heat source, economic heating systems.

Meeting room 


We can elaborate an energetic audit including the economical evaluation for your information and getting a compact picture about methods of the energy using, expediency of its consumption and possibilities of economy measures in your object. The energetic audit is a necessary part of the request for the grant from state programs for the support of energy savings.

Jarmila Slavíková - Manager of Project Department
Sluneční kolektory a ohřívače vody
Quantum a.s.,
Brněnská 212, Vyškov 682 01
Tel.: 517 343 363
Fax: 517 343 666

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