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Solar energy

Solar energy belongs to inexhaustible sources, which using has no negative influences on our environment. The amount of solar energy, that can be used, depends on climatic conditions of individual parts of Earth’s surface. It can be used not only in areas with long sunshine, but also in areas with higher altitude.
In the Czech Republic, there are relatively good conditions for solar energy utilization. The total time of sunshine (without cloudiness) in our surroundings varies from 1400 to 1700 h/year. In some areas, e.g. in lowlands in South Moravia, there the total time of sunshine reaches even 2000h/year. On the surface of one square meter falls 1100 kWh of solar energy per year. Based on these numbers we can say that if the solar system is effective, we can get relatively big effect from quite small space (smaller than the roof of a family house).

Use of solar energy

The solar energy can be used especially for heat production in our climatic conditions – for heating of supply hot water, water in swimming pools and for heating of objects.

Components of solar system

The basic part of the solar system is a solar collector. In present, the most used collectors for exacting customers are so called flat liquid collectors. Suitable systems for perennial operation and heating are tubulous vacuum collectors (much more expensive than flat liquid ones). Cheap plast absorbers are sufficient for heating of swimming pool water or supply hot water in small amounts.

The solar storage water heater with a changer provides heating of hot service water. It can be combined with other changers for other sources of heat or with an electric heating body.

The solar installation unit consists of a circulation pump, necessary insurance items and scales. A solar regulation is another important part, which operates an activity of the circulation pump. It has two sensors in the easiest type. The solar system contains also an expansion tank, an air-outlet valve and a filling armature. Everything is connected in one complex. We must mention also accessories for a roof installation.


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